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Owners and List of Projects




John Christopher Scoggins

 (831) 212-9906  ˜
General Contractor
General Contractor with a 42-year record of success overseeing all phases of construction, Including excavation, foundations, new residences, remodels engineered retaining walls, driveways, augured piers, grade beams, rebar mats, Post and Beam, 2-4-1, seismic retrofit, engineered, Bonded Underground (install subdivision underground electrical, gas and Water lines, vaults, transformer pads, drainage features, compacted substrata and paving Experience includes managing crews of up to 45.   For private-sector clients and personally sponsored speculative building projects.
Key Skills
— Designer of more than 100 Residential and Commercial projects
 Specializing in energy efficient site placement, orientation of glass and
Heat sink elements, economy of movement and room sizing with sensitivity to including and featuring existing aesthetic elements of the site (views,light, trees and rock formations)

— Residential and  Commerci
al Designer

—.Consultant for building permits and code interpretation
(Red Tags)
Standard & Alternative .Septic design & installation
 Budgeting & Cost Controls

 Subcontractor/Crew Supervision

Forensic Reviews and reports
Employer Summary
Project Highlights
Projects 1976-1980 Joint Venture Co. Russian River Builders
Remodel Guerneville Health Center,  design build 2nd story, new exterior staircase &  2600 sq ft walk in clinic

Rosenberg building (Sana Rosa) Remodel 5 floors, design light fixtures, paint all surfaces, window treatments(window design to match light fixtures)

Stoneware Gallery- Remodel art gallery, 140 amps new lighting counsole with spotlights, fluorescents,and valence area lighting, new commercial doors and fixed glass on frontage.

Fern Way –new residence Craftsman Style, custom wood windows, custom cabs, maple base and trim, custom steel gussets on timber frame ceilings.
Guernewood Dr. Remodel 4 existing residences, level floors, new dual gl windows

Guerneville Co-op –Connect two commercial buildings with arched passage, remodel 3200 sq ft retail space

Monte Rio Co-op- Remodel  1200 sq ft grocery store, new display cases, shelves, walk-in freezer–ext. & int.doors, foundation repair, decks over river

Monte Rio Community Center- Rehab 6200 sq ft  Public Building- new roof, doors, wall re-inforcement (seismic)
       Ext. grading and paving, windows and interior upgrades

Monte Rio Movie Theater- Remodel Interior and ext. new Marqui- upgrade seating for 350, stage repair, install technical equipment, screen and concession cabinetry and counters

Village Inn, Remodel Restaurant in commercial building.  New Kitchen (stove,commercial sinks, air exchange, shelving and storage, Signage, tables, French Doors (4 sets) Floorcoverings, Bar and plumbing fixtures

Monte Rio, Complete Remodel 3 existing residences, dual gl windows, new doors, int. and ext. paint, trim & floorcoverings

Occidental, New Cedar Log Gambrel-Mansard custom home with 1300 gallon wood water tank, septic system, 700 ft driveway and parking area (tot 18000 sq ft paved)

Navarro Ridge, New 1600 sq ft custom residence (A frame) from ground up on scenic property overlooking the Navarro River. 

Projects 1980-1987 Monte Rio Construction
Design Build and Sell (spec. projects)

 Old Cazadero Rd. 1400 sq ft new residence w/garage, new construction, engineered foundation and 20% driveway, augured piers and seismic connections

Cazadero Rd. Design New 1800 sq ft hillside residence , 3’ dia. concrete piers, grade beams,redwood siding, carport, stairs, decks, tile  & oak floors cantilevered bay windows

Cundall Court Timber Cove -3 Bed 2 Bath, Designed and built. See plans and pictures

Frost Court Timber Cove - 1 Bedroom 1.5 bath, designed to match the esthetics of Timber Cove.
Large Redwood trees with a distant view of the ocean.  Created a romantic, cozy getaway.

Building under Contract
2  New Residences Summit Rd, Guerneville, foundation to roof, site work, paving and finish
Contract Work
Summit Rd. (Guerneville)Remodel 2200 sq ft view property w/custom milled burl slab counters, tubs, circular stair, 900 sq ft room with 12’glass wall to roof, dual gl windows, seismic foundation upgrades.

Zip Program (a PGE weatherization program for General Contractors) upgraded 58 homes with insulation, infiltration prevention measures, dual gl windows (a US gov subsidized program)

Projects- 1988-1996 Timber Cove
Property Development-Purchase and perform site improvements on 17 hillside lots at.
Timber Cove,  Design and construct 14 residences of North Coast Craftsman Style. With all underground utilities, alternave septic systems (Pressure Distrubution, Mound, Filled Earth injection)

Some of the properties have links to pictures and plans
Projects 1997 to 2006- Santa Cruz Ca.

Rodeo Gulch- 980 sq ft addition from ground up- Vaulted beam ceiling, Dormer triangulated glass, raked wall          construction paint and finsh

Pleasant Dr.—1200 sq ft remodel of tree damaged residence, new windows, new frame, new kitchen and bathrooms, new dual glaze windows, doors staircase and finish rail.  Mahogany window trims

Scotts Valley Dr. New foundation and addition, reframe existing rooms, drywall and paint finish

Western Drive: 1400 sq ft new redwood decks

Bellevue Dr.  Design remodel 1000sq ft to 1500 sq ft. with new kitchen, 2 new bathrooms with granite slabs
New fixtures, new tile floors, new wood flooring, new floor plan, dining room, master bedroom
Bay windows, new dual glaze throughout, new roofplan, insulation and roofing.  New painting inside and out

 East Cliff Dr. Remodel 2400 sq ft residence (Thacher and Thompson design)- computer controlled light system, Home Theater, complete Asian influenced design theme, all new kit & bath designs, German (imported) closet kits, automated drapery             system, video cameras at entrances feed to office monitor screen, new limestone, tile, granite finishes
            New 2 car garage with auto lift (to hold 3 cars) and stainless steel cabinets.  Remodel 820 sq ft apartment
6th Ave Beach at Yacht Harbor- Raise 2600 sq ft. residence, excavate lower story (980 sq ft) construct sunken patio with engineered drainage system (picture below) , 8’ retaining walls poured in place at property lines.  Complete remodel all bathrooms kitchen and kit. Cabinets, glass laminate counters, all windows and doors replaced and copper flashed. Turf block driveway and landscaping.  

7th Ave at Eastcliff- New Victorian style 1300 sq ft three story residence, excavated into hillside.  Complete from     foundation to finish

Nova Drive- Remodel 2400 sq ft residence- doors and arched windows, int. painting, add room finish all surfaces,     new             interior staircase and rail, Tile showers and bath

Seacliff Dr- new engineered retaining wall, 126 ft, drilled holes w/steel I beams, 4x webbing

16th Ave New 5060 sq ft Mediterranean Style residence with hydroponic heating, tile and oak floors, ocean view        curved windows, 6 ft.stucco wall around perimeter granite counters, cherry cabinets

13th Ave- Remodel 2000 sq ft residence, change roofline, add lower floor with pump station and bath, full kitchen      replacement and upgrades

14th Ave- Complete residence upgrade and weatherization, windows replaced, interior remodel, bath remodel, new   doors, new deck membranes, paint, trim and finish

Pleasure Point Dr. 2800 sq ft remodel, new floor plan, new bathrooms and kitchen, deck (coastal zone)      Cap       and Pan tile roof. Tile floors, granite counters, poured concrete entry deck

Gateway Shopping Center- design and build new chiropractor’s office (1200 sq ft), partitions, office furniture          and counters, x-ray , cubicle wiring, new lighting plan.

Odwalla Juice Center- design and remodel dispatch and storage facility for juice manufacturer.

Elsie Mae Dr. Boulder Creek design and build 2400 sq ft residence based on Japanese Farmhouse design



Beach Dr  Rio Del Mar, build new ultra modern design home by Joel Miroglio, ship design, concrete shell (1000        yards re-inforced cone tested) 36” and 24” drilled piers (24 to 40 ft depth) limestone and jade slate   pattern design floors, custom stainless steel rail, Mahogany doors with porthole windows, mural mosaic     wall patterns on ext., Nana bifold mahogany 24’ full opening to beach view doors, Nana windows.

Bear Creek Road.  New residence (4200 sq ft) 36” and 24” piers.  Steel beams first floor framing, moment f rames, vaulted ceilings, Limestone floors, stainless steel railings, full kitchen and bathroom finish

Gateway Shopping Center  new chiropractic office (3200 sq ft) design

17th Ave- Pegasas sail warehouse (10000 sq ft.)for boat storage, sail making and maintenance, design and           remodel interior, epoxy floors, warehouse floor to ceiling sliding panels, new mercury lighting overhead,        new offices and administrative quarters. Exterior painting and finish, comm.. roll up doors

Fair Ave- Remodel 15000 sq ft building-new floor plan, text crete floor membrane, asphalt parking, industrial           trash area, commercial roll up doors. New ADA baths and shower. Paint interior. Remodel work spaces.

 Mt Madonna- design and supervise engineered garage apt. foundation drilled piers, grade beams,

Hames Rd- Addition and remodel of existing residence, new foundation floor, trusses, frame, siding, finish, kitchen remodel, granite, hi efficiency wood stove, garage workshop foundation.

Day Valley Drive Aptos Ca -              Designed and received permits from the County of Santa Cruz.  Sold yet the buyer built the home and have a few pictures
                                    2006 to 2010 Timber Cove Builders

Campus Dr. remodel fire damaged residence. New floorplan  All new utilities, new doors and windows,       upgrade appliances, landscaping, fences, trellises and fencing

Northridge Dr. remodel 2600 sq ft residence, new kitchen, flooring, ducting and chases, ceilings, patios, fencing,

Hwy 236- New residence, 1200 sq ft. alternative septic (‘pure system”)a frame, carport, view  windows, granite counters      tile floors and tub surround. Painting doors and trim

9th Ave-   New 1800 sq ft residence, 2 story, horiz lap siding and shingles, granite counters, maple cabinets, stainless pulls              Travertine floors, custom windows, landscaping and fencing. Waterfall and garden sculpture

Laurent St.  New 3000 sq ft ocean view complex.  Three bedroom home with terracotta floors, granite counters and window sills, 4 bathrooms, gourmet kitchen, clerestories, upstairs master bedroom  suite with view deck.  Two car garage with 820 sq ft 2 bedroom apartment over, view decks, stucco railings.

2011 to 2013 Timber Cove Builders

Altamount Dr.- remodel 1800 sq ft residence. 
Demolish and Excavate failed deck Pour retaining walls, gussets and slab in hillside.  Instsll new dual glaze vinyl windows, repair and replace siding as needed (per termite report) remodes master bath with new travertine shower, new oval sind set in granite slab, repair and replace drywall.  Install new travertine floors in bathrooms and kitchen.  Remodel kitchen
With granite slabs, new fixtures.  Complete new  painting inside and out.  New fences patios and walkways.  New septic
Tank installed. 

Fremont Dr.- Demo and replace existing residence 1459 sq ft.
Demolish and  remove  80% of existing residence.  Pour new slabs for addition space, new footings at sheer walls, new wall framing and trusses, new 30 yr roofing over new osb sheathing.  New electrical system, new plumbing and gas piping, new forced air system.  New kitchen, new cabinets, granite counters, new fixtures, remodel bathrooms with matching granite slabs with under mount sinks.  New landscaping, fencing, walkways, tiled entry with gazebo

2014 to 2016

325 Reynolds Drive Boulder Creek Ca 95006
Designed and built 1700 Sq Ft. 2 story home on the river in Boulder Creek Ca. 3 Bed 2.5 bath .
Engineered septic and lines installed. Fire sprinklers, 9 ft ceilings, decking over the river. Custom
floors. Granite counter tops.

Kingfisher Court Sunnyvale - remodel on lower floor. Demo back patio, kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedroom, new wiring, tile, granite counter tops, cabinets and floors


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